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A timer that follows the Pomodoro technique of work and break intervals. If you enter a Toggl API key, you will be asked to log your work at the end of every work interval which is then immediately persisted to your Toggl account. This key is saved in localStorage so that it only needs to be entered once across multiple sesssions and for security purposes. During break intervals, content is populated from Reddit to allow you to maximize your fun time. When the timer reaches 0 during either interval, a sound is played to alert the user who may be working in a different window.

Tools used for this project: JavaScript, Handlebars.js, JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS, Git/GitHub

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An app that makes information in JIRA easy to access. Users log in to see information about projects, tickets, and developers. They also get some metrics around each category of information. This app can be scaled up to provide more detailed productivity information, but it is currently hooked up to a dummy instance of JIRA.

Tools used for this project: Rails, HTML, Bootstrap, Git/GitHub, SQLite, PostGres, Heroku

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NPR Recipe Finder

A text based app that runs in the Command Line that allows the user to search for Recipes on NPR's website using keywords. This was built in Ruby and integrates with NPR through their open API.

Tools used for this project: Ruby, Git/GitHub

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A simple counting app that let's the user increment or decrement a number using buttons. They can also reset the counter to 0. It was built using Javascript and Handlebars.

Tools used for this project: JavaScript, Handlebars.js, HTML5, CSS, Git/GitHub

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A text based app built using Node.js that lets the player navigate the stars! It's an adventure game where they must choose where to go, find Artifacts, and return home - all before running out of fuel.

Tools used for this project: Node.js, Git/GitHub

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Open Source

DCAF Case Management

This is a Rails application that allows volunteers at the DC Abortion Fund to actively manage their call lists, handle cases across multiple volunteers, and distribute funds to women in need. I became involved in this project after the DC Day of Civic Hacking that was run by Code for DC in June of 2016. So far, my primary contribution to this project was to optimize the patient search to be case insensitive for patient names and also formatting agnostic for phone numbers. In addition to this, I reorganized the call log to show in reverse chronological order. I look forward to making more contributions in the future!

Tools used for this project: Rails, Regex, MongoDB, Git/GitHub

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This web application was built as part of the Women In Tech Demo Days hackathon that took place on July 21-22 2017. It is intended to be used as a tool for companies to choose open diversity standards to adhere to during the hiring process and evaluate potential candidates against. It also allows them to track skills of their employees so they can build out robust teams or pair up people who wish to learn new skills with the right resources. Finally, it empowers employers to track opportunities given to individual employees, so they can spread these opportunities to employees who haven't received them yet, or pair them with senior developers who have a say in the promotion process. I built out the opportunity view including filtering down the employees in the database and organizing them in a grid view. I also wrote a function that randomly generates blocks of green in different shades to simulate a heat map for the opportunity grid until we are able to add opportunity data into the database.

Tools used for this project: Meteor.js, React, MongoDB, Git/GitHub

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About Me

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I am a professional in the technology industry, with extensive experience on the business side. I started out in implementation and grew into account management and solution architecture. I am now a mid level systems developer for a government project with a small company in Virginia.

I have taken both the Back End Web Development and the JavaScript Development courses through General Assembly in Washington, DC. You can see my work on my GitHub profile.

Feel free to ask me about any of my other passions, which include baking, DIY projects, IndyCar racing, science/fiction novels, and trashy television.

I also volunteer with the American Diabetes Association and donate regularly to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

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